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Bach’s Arpeggio

Sunday my voice
sings your praises
in words written
before we knew
our psychology
broken chords
inducing emotion

Spirit moves within me
increases blood flow
electrochemical response
to acoustic cues
god spot in the brain
basis of spirituality

We lift up our hearts
branches bearing fruit
extoling perfect love
virtue without condition
casting out fear
make known to us
liberty’s source
ever abiding

Antiphon rings out
I hold you, beloved
beyond expectation
apart from you
I can do nothing

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Rage to Master

for Maria Anna Mozart

Virtuosic musical obsession
aesthetic grace, bravura elegance
harpsichord, voice, and violin
maestoso harmony of liberty

Fall from the vertiginous heights
composition immured within society’s
circumfluent atmosphere of misogyny

Sophistical arguments internalize, si ohgfrettn
deference becomes a form of self-mutilation
impeding precocious melodies
denying life giving freiheit

Vivace swirls of cascading notes
accelerado of primary drives, gusta,
drowning in the noise of a distorted reflection

Convex mirrors cede self-possession
to the obliterating reign of man
inspired scores, con fuoco, reduce to ash

Abandoning creation ma non troppo
deaf to internal pleas, grief consumes
assents to spiritual suicide

Sforzando genius
selbstverstümmelung prodigy
diminuendo dolce maestro
pyrotechnics detonate internally

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Velleity (Lucid Dreaming)

It’s Friday night, are y’all ready for Trip-Hop experimental poetry? I acquired the rights to the track by Minsk artist R-Maf of Mafia Records and added a spoken word version of an experimental poem, significantly expanded,  that I wrote last year. It was fun though next time I may sing it. Oh, what it is to be in the depths of NaPoWriMo! Sand Swept Vaults Asunder Heuristic House Remix (click here) Here’s the PDF Sand Swept Vaults Asunder Heuristic House Remix  but please listen to the recording. Thanks!


The video is the poem (images and music are integral).
Here are the words to aid when the text is difficult to read:

mikado petals nuzzle blush lilies
dove Anna roses, kissed moonlight at the edges
poppy anemonies accentuated by amethyst borders
enamoring the alpenglow orchids

other worlds illuminated by celadon hues
nature’s decadence intensified
vast charms of coloris displayed
complexity above the most eloquent descriptors

passionate pleasure lying beyond language
dynamic interrelationships unfold
golden patinas caress cascading emotions
amidst diaphanous glazes of iridescence

mingling with shell tinted apricot spheres
in a nuanced interplay of ideas
amorous glances, mandarin curves
flirtations shimmering with ultramarine blue

immersing self in a shattered unity
a stardust rendezvous, billet-doux
spiraling epiphanies of auramine delight
these vivifying encounters, this saturated bliss


Ultimate Substance

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Ice Floe

This poem is linked to dVerse Poets Pub and the Poetics prompt on Nightmare Verse where Stu McPherson challenges us to dig deep into the dreamworld and reveal our hidden fears, psychological traumas, unkenned phenomena, and other fascinating aspects of our nightmares. Please join us

Transcript from the video (please play as it is intended to be heard and viewed, thank you)

Ice Floe

Silk enrobed traces
of your artistry
float by, a music
ever passing
as your gentle voice
is lost to the wind

Adrift in this
spirit boat on Arctic seas
language unravels
drifting through niveous skies
gifts strewn
along an abandoned path

I am the vessel
travelling in the land
of midnight sun
searching for hearth fires

Ever on the wing
scrying a refuge
in an ice tomb
of necrotic hallucinations

Within this land of the dead
narwhal trill our song

Circumpolar animals
thousand mile migrations
echolocation revealing naught

Colored lights whisper
profound hypothermic declarations

Composing Space

This is the final behind the scenes piece at Chromapoesy. The pictures were taken this morning from my home on Conifer Mountain.  Here is my music workspace; I compose a little at the piano but mostly at the computer desk on Finale software. My shelf contains all my sheet music and various instruments from around the world. The flute case and stand are on top. The piano is where I practice singing for performances. On top of the piano to the far left are the ashes of my beloved dog, Buddy. The dog in the pictures is the first dog I’ve ever had from puppyhood, she’s a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix named Jody (after my grandmother). The home theater and 16mm film camera/projector are included as I am often inspired by soundtracks and film to write music. Also, I’m a huge cinephile, you can find my film recommendations here Pictures from outside the music area are included as nature is another source for all my creative outlets. Thank you for peeking into what it takes to write, paint, compose, sing, and create at Chromatopia. There’s a link here to listen to one of my cinematic compositions Lago di Garda: For my books and other work spaces follow these links &