The video is the poem (images and music are integral).
Here are the words to aid when the text is difficult to read:

mikado petals nuzzle blush lilies
dove Anna roses, kissed moonlight at the edges
poppy anemonies accentuated by amethyst borders
enamoring the alpenglow orchids

other worlds illuminated by celadon hues
nature’s decadence intensified
vast charms of coloris displayed
complexity above the most eloquent descriptors

passionate pleasure lying beyond language
dynamic interrelationships unfold
golden patinas caress cascading emotions
amidst diaphanous glazes of iridescence

mingling with shell tinted apricot spheres
in a nuanced interplay of ideas
amorous glances, mandarin curves
flirtations shimmering with ultramarine blue

immersing self in a shattered unity
a stardust rendezvous, billet-doux
spiraling epiphanies of auramine delight
these vivifying encounters, this saturated bliss