This poem is linked to dVerse Poets Pub and the Poetics prompt on Nightmare Verse where Stu McPherson challenges us to dig deep into the dreamworld and reveal our hidden fears, psychological traumas, unkenned phenomena, and other fascinating aspects of our nightmares. Please join us

Transcript from the video (please play as it is intended to be heard and viewed, thank you)

Ice Floe

Silk enrobed traces
of your artistry
float by, a music
ever passing
as your gentle voice
is lost to the wind

Adrift in this
spirit boat on Arctic seas
language unravels
drifting through niveous skies
gifts strewn
along an abandoned path

I am the vessel
travelling in the land
of midnight sun
searching for hearth fires

Ever on the wing
scrying a refuge
in an ice tomb
of necrotic hallucinations

Within this land of the dead
narwhal trill our song

Circumpolar animals
thousand mile migrations
echolocation revealing naught

Colored lights whisper
profound hypothermic declarations