for Maria Anna Mozart

Virtuosic musical obsession
aesthetic grace, bravura elegance
harpsichord, voice, and violin
maestoso harmony of liberty

Fall from the vertiginous heights
composition immured within society’s
circumfluent atmosphere of misogyny

Sophistical arguments internalize, si ohgfrettn
deference becomes a form of self-mutilation
impeding precocious melodies
denying life giving freiheit

Vivace swirls of cascading notes
accelerado of primary drives, gusta,
drowning in the noise of a distorted reflection

Convex mirrors cede self-possession
to the obliterating reign of man
inspired scores, con fuoco, reduce to ash

Abandoning creation ma non troppo
deaf to internal pleas, grief consumes
assents to spiritual suicide

Sforzando genius
selbstverstümmelung prodigy
diminuendo dolce maestro
pyrotechnics detonate internally

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