This is the final behind the scenes piece at Chromapoesy. The pictures were taken this morning from my home on Conifer Mountain.  Here is my music workspace; I compose a little at the piano but mostly at the computer desk on Finale software. My shelf contains all my sheet music and various instruments from around the world. The flute case and stand are on top. The piano is where I practice singing for performances. On top of the piano to the far left are the ashes of my beloved dog, Buddy. The dog in the pictures is the first dog I’ve ever had from puppyhood, she’s a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix named Jody (after my grandmother). The home theater and 16mm film camera/projector are included as I am often inspired by soundtracks and film to write music. Also, I’m a huge cinephile, you can find my film recommendations here Pictures from outside the music area are included as nature is another source for all my creative outlets. Thank you for peeking into what it takes to write, paint, compose, sing, and create at Chromatopia. There’s a link here to listen to one of my cinematic compositions Lago di Garda: For my books and other work spaces follow these links &