We were wild gods long forsaken
our bed of passion birthed
thunder dragons in a blooded sky

We were sea monsters ruling
the muted oceanic world
scrying in the dark depths

We were bundled soul sticks
so that we could not be broken
straining against the pressure

We were travelers in the spirit boat
our shamanistic selves couldn’t tame
tempest remnants of our humanity slain

Our deep psychic work mirrored
sexual arousal, oh how those sustained
plateaus shuddered through me

So I grew afraid, apart
ate specious tales of hearth fires
believing I could be safe

For a long while I was invisible
wanderlust overtook me and I forgot
my unrelenting intensity and we

Until I awoke, bathed in the potential
of my ferocity, regained my form
and headed to the mountains

Upon a forest path I encountered you
my wild, blackest wolf, blue eyes piercing,
your chaos magic revealing my true name

You howled it to the heavens, claiming me
as your equal, creating our language anew
outer being/inner creature regained

Your soulful tenacity and endurance
prevailed, reuniting us; at night I cry out:
cover me with your wildness!