Hinba (c) 1978 Gillian Ayres

Painting’s exultation upon the substrate
expanding the subject of the mandorla
color fields intimate imaginary space
where the mind and the eye play
pleasure from the richly surfaced texture
accretion and accumulation of time
within the picture, a dynamic event
continuing in the rumination of the viewer

Eternal evocations of torments and longings
worshipping the beauty of the supreme range
secret laws blossoming as the artist surrenders
entirely, reverie and revelation pouring
philters upon soul kisses, an intimacy
rivaling that of the amorist, ecstatic interface
communion with inamorata, a tryst of sublimation

Devotee of proportion, line, and chroma
organic curves highlighting impasto unity
pigment glazes adorn the brilliant plane
intensity, contrast, and avant-garde forms
rhythmically assert architectonic genius
sybaritic rapturous artists trace nascent worlds
illuminating the unfixed nature of existence
daydreaming beneath the veil, imbued with subtle metaphor

Sensorial gardens of desire and metamorphosis
truth corroded by passionate individual encounters
creating a diversity of incident, dynamic events
richly sensuous, distinctly colorful and allusive
complexities entwining choruses of mystical luminosity
visceral responses of awe, beloved cries to the inner paramour
vows within the temple of art, consummation of the divine spark

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