(c) 2009 Anna Montgomery

I arrive at the olive tree
sanctuary of peace
abiding at the gateway
of the sacred and profane
on the shores of the Dead Sea
like a lintel at the arch
threshold to a secret clearing

Cardinal points encase an isolation chamber
within the symbolic decade lies the cella
arithmetical progression of this
equidistant quaternary number
a creature of the creator returns to unite
releasing power, intelligence, and love

Past gilded locks of silver, gold, and diamonds
that purify, empower, and enlighten
initiation a conundrum
sedition within the self
penumbra of archetypal wisdom
an invitation to the beyond

Timorous, I approach the lustral waters
amphisbaena within winds a divulsive path
revelation forms through the elements of self-surrender
dulcifluous sighs of breath
ardent intercessions, cantilena,
melody sung to the divine

Prophetic cries of potentiality
seriatim of ablations purify
awe impregnates the ego’s bawn
jacent filiations coalesce
as the roots of life embrace
a reintegrated, manifested, mystic being