(c) Tracey Grumbach

orphans of ideology
birthed of vengeance and invention
razor wire twined minds
inoculated against thought
suffering attachment disorders
imprecating when drawn close
distended bellies, emetic fed

crooked timber from which
no straight thing
can be built or imagined
monuments of totalitarian tyranny
agents of social genocide
technological mutations
of philosophy’s thunder

survivors of the ethical wasteland
post-apocalyptic terrors
great impersonal forces
devouring, obliterating, consuming
vacuous lusus naturae
specious liberty counteracted
by naivety of true answers
to end spiritual and intellectual confusion
as the great experiments fail

infallible machines tally
initiate rational reorganization
spout utopian simplicity
a return to pre-civilization
yet the fetid dead thrown
in mass graves accumulate
victims of progressive thought

now the omniscient puzzle
built of Platonic ideals
denatures with rot, denies all striving

My NaPoWriMo day 7 write linked to http://dversepoets.com/2012/04/07/poetics-new-view-for-you/