She is a sojourner in virtual space
a liminal being once embodied
cultural schemas unhinged by truly novel situations
these hollow shells carry imaginary insides
figures of polygon mesh rendering reality
if viewed from different vantage points simply disappear
thwarting her cross-cultural integration

Axioms applied through hidden surface removal algorithms
memories of successful interrelationships are no longer connected
complex cognitive structures for social interaction become
bounding volume hierarchies creating invisibility/occlusion trees
if/then evaluations of nodes (and child nodes)
efficiently grading, determining what is drawn into existence

Acquisition of interpersonal relationships is vital
in this haptic interface, teleoperation robotic tools
vibrotactile effectors provide sensory feedback
lacking primary social interaction schemas
she must employ data driven processing
requiring monumental effort and attention

Divergence from the host culture becomes clear
using self-regulation to remove ambiguities
strategic maneuvers to ensure emotional survival
the intertwining of native culture and the neo-galaxies
of virtual reality requires poly-mythic invention
prototypical archetypes for avatars

Stories for a new era where touching another
requires electroactive polymers and piezoelectric surfaces
next generation actuator technology
3-D holograms creating sensory input through acoustic radiation
acculturating her senses to mechanical intermediaries
adaptations to the host-culture environment
a new language for refugees in a virtual world

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