(c) 2009 Anna Montgomery

Proud Nabataean daughters serve Al-Uzza,
morning star, light bringer, residing in the acacia,
patron goddess of Mecca and Petra
rebirth and immortality her initiation into secret lore
climb the thousand steps to the sacred precinct,
at the temenos there glory in her vast grace

Almandine eyes set within revered stone block
anqa takes flight, a mystic on the wing,
transmuting the godhead, merging creator and creature
bliss capable of annihilating the self
opens the gates to the kingdom of the dead

Ankh penetrates the hidden meanings
temple key to eternal life spiral unfolding
at the milk and blood anointed fiery alter
amphora holds her precious offerings
amulets assure perpetual stability

In this sanctuary, the holy of holies,
where the goddess embodies The Mightiest One
lions guard her gates, protect her people
rose stone caves animate her power omnipresent
tremble at the sight of the triumphant, luminescent one

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