Create central intelligence:
Project/protect the fantasy
invert, convert, digest, repeat.
Cull/scourge the weak
inject, reject, regurgitate, unleash.
Fashion/impassion your guerilla army
recruit, reboot, oppress, regress, shoot.

Pile/revile trash from here to anywhere
electrify, deny, decry, undermine.
Cash/opiates paid for secrets, insert in slot
spot, capitulate, insinuate, cast aside.
Pulp/whore up those lying spies
gravitate, emulate, identify, underlie, interrogate.

Glorify, espouse, glamorize, bind, scrawl, shape, strip, demoralize, characterize
shift, shout, torture, mobilize, calculate, indoctrinate, analyze, and strategize.

Whatever you do don’t learn the language.

Begin again:
Pick a spot on the map, set traps, rehash,
espy, cartography won’t lie, transmogrify,
redefine, carve ideologies, proselytize,
intimidate, obfuscate, in an endless loop.

Disinformation can withstand the facts.

‘We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act,
but a habit.’

Blame Aristotle.

For a thorough history of the CIA read Tim Weiner’s Legacy of Ashes