for Velvetina Purrs (Thank you)
(this is not a retelling of myth but a new story, a flourish of poetic license)

for a long time now
(yet what are millennia to me?)
I, Athena, have wanted to sing you into being
garnering potency from introspection

the universe is expanding

spinning, weaving, my mantras
into a nascent song
I was born bloodied by the cleaving
fully formed Tritogeneia

the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate

Metis, root of my strategic mind
my gifts of freedom raise civilizations
Atrytone, the unwearying, dianoia
as a long period comet reaches its aphelion

theou noesis (mind of god)

for a long time now
I have gathered the necessary cistrons
laid them before the axis from where
all beginnings arise at the base of my olive tree

Athena Parthénos in my aspect

I culled the Arctic Ocean, searched my Carina Nebula,
ground Himalayan salt, rang Buddhist bells,
bound pterodactyl wing bones with wolf fur
faceted padparadscha sapphires and stole Ayres’ Hinba
to merge with my vast dark within

parthenogenesis: incanting the ritual mysteries of your birth

daughter arise!
the first to fashion yourself
blue fire hair, Boulder opal eyes, glaukopis
art’s child, you see through iridescent irises

Nova Aetas

speaking you shift what is known, what is knowable
oh, olive branch, each leaf bearing my name
Athena Hygieial, healer
Aphaea, an invisibly numinous being
Altheonóa, ethonoe, en ethei noesin

defender of moral sagacity, flawless virtue,
a cunning intelligence, owl-woman reclaimed
your flight is a miracle of liberty!

clavis aurea, golden key to the future