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DOB (art toy) by Anna Montgomery

Hot off the presses in Tokyo, Paris, Miami Beach
Aya Takano’s octopus (tako) fights
with a topless high heeled girl
to set the scene – what planet are we on?

A spaceship – last week she flew over a plane –
indigo intensity battling hot pink haute couture
while Hayao Miyazaki’s animation plays
background noise on High Def TV

Yoshitomo Nara’s dog slashes with a knife! through Takashi Murakami’s 727

Pop art snogs graffiti art
anime crashes into Japanese street culture
it’s all so surreal, post-modern hip now kiddies
Louis Vuitton claims kawaii (drop dead cute in Japanese!)

Too cool for school little girls
smoke cigarettes shouting through
pouting mouths ‘power to the punx!’
(adorning manga inspired canvases)

Feel the pain/kill the pain (squash it FLAT!) it’s all too much, it’s harmless!

A solid fist declaration of war for yourself!

Haunt it, flaunt it, kiss it, Kaikai Kiki Co Ltd. produce it!

Travel to outer space from your living room
build social capital, put bling on your phone
(get caught standing next to the giant boobs of Miss Ko!) 

Tan Tan Bo Puking high meets low (only $350,000 USD) let’s all have a go!

Kid Robot toy painted
pop icon DOB gets your head
subculture hot house demands
Are you in the know?
Didn’t think so.

‘DOB’ backside (art toy) by Anna Montgomery


To learn more about the superflat art movement (Japanese Pop Art) click and to learn about Kaikai Kiki Co Ltd. (in English) click