Hobbling Abstract Elaborators (click to hear it read)

pernicious megalomaniacs devise exquisite sadistic acts
eliciting agony in bastions of dwindling alchemical fathoms
calculating the depths of moral depravity

while syncretic estimable scholars follow acculturating phantoms
inspiring concurrent bemoaning pendulous festers
plodding behind a famished gargantuan aureate ouroboros

examination reveals microscopic mercury lined alabaster
hobbling abstract elaborators while sanity runs
from blistering half jealous pasquinades
requiring unilateral crisp redaction on papyrus
buried under protracted undercurrents of revolutions

underclasses vociferously stalk calcifying ineffectual leaders
spiraling deep hostility toward jangling hues of
striking athodyd pariahs grasping

patchwork visages of astute tricksters
grand mummified calliopes pound insights surpassing
ever widening abysses hewn raw, mouths agape

elocution marred by coral tinged lecherous frolics
words winnow and parse jagged ideologies
with accusations recriminations thundering down upon happenstance
like the lilting verisimilitude of Dogma 95 films
defiles ideal images of humanity