Factory refiners turn their attention
acid testing the gold
How pure; how valuable?
Most malleable and ductile of the metals
a procession of children moves along
to be processed by workers that search
for the few; the gifted and talented
prices go up with scarcity

Ill defined – a broad spectrum
99th percentile of IQ,
require tests with higher ceilings
crafting the bell curve,
a golden ratio

Mix potential with achievement
now the battery of tests changes
these will act like keys
to the socio-economic hierarchy
society as quality control beating down
the girls and minorities
so they won’t make it through,
the golden rule

The students are molded into bars
‘Gold Standard’ and branded with a seal
complete with certificates,
inert, reliable, exchangeable, interchangeable, and secure
the brightest from the system are displayed
baubles for the world to ogle and exploit

If the children are bored
teach them inquartation and parting
so they may become refiners and certifiers
if they are emotionally unequipped
take them to the markets
so they may be deified and learn how being
valuable and useful is more important than love
if they are damaged simply polish them up
if they are contaminated remove them from the floor
along with all the other pyrite

Teach them to internalize
a version of the fascist state
an over active ego driven by reason,
the golden mean

Prevent self-actualization, the embrace of specificity
keep away liberation, multiplicity, or human expression
(the factory demands quality controlled assurances)

Indoctrination is a process of reducing raw ore
to its purer, more precious form