Thought Experiment: begin with a cryptographic key life cycle where you function as the key

Key Life Cycle (in developmental phases)


give birth, bring forth ideas illuminated
in liquidity’s nourishing infrastructure
embody the symbols, imprint the genetic code


produce without possession
envision freedom from rationality
educe a contradistinction


gather the cipher and the subtext
data amassed for encoding
integrate a secret sharing scheme


excel but do not lead your thoughts
breathe, decrypt the psychological schemas
act without premeditated expectation


assimilate the workings of the universe
puzzle out an esemplastic solution
to unlock strategies of liberation


allow entropy to overpower existence
witness the denaturing of mysterious virtue,
for all states are possible in the end

* This poem was influenced by the 10th Chapter (Pacifying the agitated, material soul) of Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu and is a companion piece to Feasting on Shadows. Chromatopia, LLC has just released its first two books of poetry: These Little Episodes and Signal from Static available in e-book and paperback.