quasar blazes at the known limit of the universe
signifying the birth of pleasure at the edge of a
circumbinary system, once considered an impossibility,
but only to those forgetful of the myth of Eros & Psyche

Psyche, beau ideal, planetary anomaly in a galaxy where
perfection cannot exist, her acts of imagination,
butterfly fantastications, pull her toward the precipice
of consciousness, anagoge of luminous poetry
her liquescent beauty unbounded attracts his ardor

Eros, cloaked as an invisible planet approaches,
influencing her orbit, she perceives only a blue shift,
introduction of a chaotic cosmogony hinting at metamorphosis
captured by high precision photometry she senses
his gravitational pull, enticing mirage, buried image of divinity

so they are joined in clandestine union, mystic bliss
until Psyche’s atmosphere is pregnant with new life
in his immaturity he proclaims if she awaits the birth
without revealing his true nature it will become immortal,
but if she must know him, the child will fall from celestial heights

her multiplicity introduces hidden doubts, what dragon,
what unseen monster, caresses her?
a cathetic quandary that consumes her delight
she stops a passing pulsar, pleading for revelation
showing her Eros’ true self as a god benighted star

he flees, red shift abandonment, condemning her, an orphan planet
struck from his orbit, floating alone through interstellar space
freezing to death in a spiritual suicide, abrading her love
seeking absolution for her transgression and his return
she is tested, searching for cyphers to initiate transformation

at the end of her trials she comes weary to the black hole
an underworld that could consume her soul and the promise
of her unborn potentiality, where she must travel for the final answers
in her quest to regain his gaze, further into the darkness that will act
as catalyst yet threatens to unravel all if she becomes consumed

victorious she emerges but the immersion takes its toll
she is rendered silent awaiting the restorative kiss of Eros’ forgiveness
humbled by her struggle he returns to her side convincing the gods to
grant her immortality, transmuting her into a star that she might shine
as brightly as he, in a circumbinary system birthing an eternal joy

ISS Startrails – TRONized from Christoph Malin on Vimeo.

Written for Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub: http://dversepoets.com. Tuesday is my birthday so I will be a bit slow returning visits.