Anna Montgomery, Erasure Poem
To read the erasure poem/painting click on it to zoom. Circled text forms the poem or it can be read in stanzas below:

Jane rehearses heartbreak on a splendid Midsummer night at Thornfield while Mr. Rochester’s potent lightning strike, a seemingly small lie of omission, tears asunder the great horse-chestnut tree at the bottom of the orchard

Erasure poem and painting by Anna Montgomery
Text from the novel, Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë

the sea is a barrier
from you
brine and foam
destined to rush between

it is a long way
morally certain
on the eve of separation
stars enter into their shining

my heart was still
a string inextricably knotted
cord of communion snapped

impossible to proceed

I endured no longer
grief and love
claiming mastery

petrified, it strikes me with
terror and anguish
to be torn from you forever
it is like looking on
the necessity of death

This is a form of experimental poetry introduced to me by Vince Gotera in a prompt, my first erasure poem is here: along with the link to the original prompt. This poem was written for Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub. Join us: