Abstract Picture 1990 Oil on Aluminum Gerhard Richter

for Gerhard Richter

everything is superimposed
on aluminum’s slick surface
an archeology of abstraction
your staggering oeuvre of
somatic/chromatic interactions

explicating tragic materiality
or sublime interiority
we can’t seem to decide
maybe neither can you

special effects concoctions,
of layered and lifted pigment
[art undergirded by ambiguity]

nonrepresentational artifacts
yet you speak of angels and ideas
of painting what cannot be seen

patterns, enigmatic marks,
squeegee scrape obliterations,
multifarious and complex
accidental processes
inconsistent/inconsequential views

untangle an idea of art
incoherent, absurd, disorienting
your ontological exploration
like the image in a mirror
is subtly duplicitous
exposing the artifice
to reveal the truth

Abstract Picture 1997 Oil on Aluminum Gerhard Richter

as if in tracing
a nonexistent line
you traverse past
an abyssal reflection
at the storied end
of your inner night

where is there to go
but onward?

perhaps painting has never
painted anything but itself –
what art is powerless to do
chance may intervene to manifest

is the image in the mirror you
or what you imagine about yourself?

Abstract Picture 1997 Oil on Aluminum Gerhard Richter

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