(sampling Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116)

Celadon Blues (Love’s Neo-Lexicon) click to hear the reading

noetic consummation commences
supervocalic phrases, nuances of meaning
complexity multiplied in equations stating
love is not love which alters

magnify these variegated petals
artistry reveals glorious symbolism
palette knives scrape interference blue
survivor of the crucible, polished by rock

horizons of mendhi adorned canopic jars
guarding phenomenological concepts
simplicity obfuscates ecological profundity
unique realms of nonrepresentational poetry

naples yellow circumscribes french ultramarine
meaning somehow paradoxically conveys
relationships delineated by words’ barycenter
chromatic supernovas collapse
bearing all to the edge of doom

alive in drift chambers where saturation
blankets antarctic glaciers sloughing into
anti-cavitation valves emoting indigo
inducing transcendental release

sienna fidelity blurs marigold rituals
writ in luscious binary codes
unique expression dark flowers in winter
looking on tempests, never shaken
eons of sounding bells striking

deep turquoise limns curvaceous neologisms
shades of cadmium red entwine qualia
highlighting terre verte conceptual liberty
jaune brillant breaks all the rules at once

communication broadcasts a neo-lexicon
still ripe with exotic possibilities
dioxazine eyes scry these ever-fixed marks