Circumspect, I have seen through the centuries
frayed cords encapsulate the shaded tale
oracles portend my unreciprocated love
misogyny reigns in a world of grave unraveling
positing by nature I am meant to obey
Aristoclea teaches Pythagorus:
philosophy inscribed on a fine layer of dust
which cannot be remembered

Arete, the splendor of Greece
possessed of the beauty of Helen
with the soul of Socrates
and the tongue of Homer
will never bear daughters of philosophy
2300 years they will clamor
at the gates of knowledge denied keys
hidden in the cowering folds
of history’s divisive night

I am a lioness, prostasia of the Garden
presumptive former hetaera
with the effrontery to challenge Theophrastus
whirlpools of thought capture victims unsung
as long whispered fears signal
the philosophic imaginary, a wilderness
an undertow on volcanic shores

Detritivores tunnel, long spools unwinding
as gods consume the fervid masses
arguing for ataraxia
knowing what they will do to Hypatia
equality seen as democracy’s moral failure
delineating lost markers
we are denied existence
stripped of effective consciousness

Property lines drawn in space
each a bounded deontology
we are deemed natural deformities
maladapted, malevolent sisters
less than shallow, temples atop sewers
cartographic drawings without names
I refuse to build statues
to these paragons that forsake me