(c) Anna Montgomery

Saffron threads ribboning in a rain shower of dahlias
star of Persia oasis as the drought ends
moon indigo dragons dance on kimono pink petals
magnolias bloom releasing countermelodies
to belladonna infused mirasol motets

Gloria aster overpowers the haiku Lenten rose
seeding the grains of paradise chanting
a pomegranate kyrie underscores vanilla’s benedictus
savory hosannas nestle sweet pea alleluias
trailing bluebell’s credo and a barberry sanctus

Cardamom entwined gladiolus celebrate
oleander ringed with jessamine flowers
blue crown dotted with gold drop anoint the alter
foxglove and lisianthus raise cassia cries
coral honeysuckle entices anemonie’s enigmatic beauty
eucalyptus and sage purify angel’s trumpet

Rococo tulips blush, hibiscus twirl
phlox, monkshood, and mountain laurel rejoice
nasturtium, juniper, and love-in-a-mist revel
velvet cloak enraptures crown of thorns
frangipani coos to the morning glory
a snowdrop cantor of the peppermint agnus dei

Happy Easter to those who celebrate and Happy Spring to all!