Vishnu and Lakshmi

I am unimaginable, rebirth
Creation unthinkable, promises mirth
Vishnu! Vishnu! Exuberance
Preserver, gift of providence
Rejuvenating Dharma manifest
Color of water-filled clouds, blue and blest

I am contemplation, prosperity
Divine, incarnation, fertility
Lakshmi! Lakshmi! Arise, take flight
With penetrating, keen, true sight
Embodiment blooms from sacred lotus
Shakti’s pure form, love comes into focus

Master of beyond, supreme avatar
Inciter of all dreams, a brilliant star
My love! My love! Kaustubha jewel
Source, dear heart, co-creator who’ll
Infuse atma with glorious pure light
Divali honoring, forever bright

Infinite space this sublime nirvana
Jaganmaatha acts, refines this drama
Entwine! Entwine! Benevolence
Fortune, grace, immortal cadence
Splendor, vigor, strength, rapturous beauty
Kundalini’s magnanimous duty

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