Interactive Epistemology

Mathematical models
of conflict and cooperation
between intelligent, rational
as we encounter the sacred space
of the game board
playing field of love

Psychodrama dialogue with the invisible
as objects endowed with psychic energy
become our actors upon the stage
male/female qualities intertwining
an offering to fuel the imagination
activating emotionality

Wholeness, rules and freedom
define our actions
traversing nature and civilization
where the depths of the unpremeditated
private reactions to external constraints
aid us in exploring symbolic struggles
against death, elements,
individual doubt and weakness

A self-contained universe
full of divination and magic

Convex Sets

Before we engaged
in non-cooperative games
modeled to the finest detail
sequential perfect information systems
a theorist’s dream

In these cutthroat skirmishes
competition overtook us
algorithmic measurable motives
induced a sense of control
within a symmetrical pay-off matrix
all zero-sum outcomes
as someone always lost

Mixed Strategy

Your love engulfs
I experience the computational complexity
of trembling hand perfection
this move I didn’t intend to play
an initiation that surprises

Correlated equilibrium
in characteristic function form
these cooperative games
exist to create unity

There are imperfect information tradeoffs
we commit perlocutionary acts
knowing there’s no way to simplify,
say the meaning of the word (x)
has a definitive parameter

In a series of performative utterances
no constate sentences, no verified truth
yet imbued with illocutionary force,
with the potency of action

We proceed simultaneously
in asymmetric, non-zero-sum
combinatorial strategies
without any provable optimal theory
only our communication
assuring mutual satisfaction
as we form binding commitments

Despite the intricacies
logistics and uncertainties
I turn to you and say, ‘I promise’