Nuanced colors blend at the edges of life’s evanescent charms
indanthrene glazes enhance new vistas of potential
epiphanies arrive with liberty’s lustrous promises
azure tinted joy intoxicates in a rush of prismatic images
redrafting dividing lines, reigniting passion
no illusive flash, a vitreous engagement drawing near

Deep hues meld with opalescent internal reflections
creating an interplay of luminous delirium
oceanic forces arouse a state of awakening
serpentine words spoken in a moldavite tongue
smear stardust and gold on opal’s dreams of intimate nights
twinning amethysts abiding in bliss
blue aspect iolite appeals

Mysterious pendeloque cut topaz lotus
each facet refracting as divinity sparks an inner fire
labradorite depths of preternatural intensity
shatter unity, existing outside all conceptual thought
you arrive in my mind whispering supernal metaphoric symbols
mythic love piercing like acicular crystals

Pleochroic moonstone circles beneath dendritic formations
escaping censorship in a space where language fails
under the spell of a long awaited mystical merging

Notes: Topaz is derived from the Sanskrit tapas, meaning fire. ‘Heaven is always a place of gems’, Aldous Huxley. The poem owes a debt of gratitude to David Batchelor’s excellent book Chromophobia. It is linked up for Victoria’s Poetics prompt at dVerse where we’re exploring color: