Joy of Verse Escape challenged us to share our bookshelves with other bloggers. Her post about it is here This is all but 12 shelves (yikes – I left out lots of fiction, non-fiction, and how to write books (got 2 shelves of those, writers like to write them)). Here you’ll find fiction, poetry (most is on my Kindle and other blogs), art books, reference (though my NG Atlas has to sit on the coffee table it’s too large for all my bookshelves), mythology, and philosophy. In addition I was inspired by Joy to take a picture of my writing desk (though the notebooks aren’t usually spread out like that :)). For those of you who don’t know I am also a painter and composer/musician/vocalist. I may share my other shelves later but this feels like plenty for now. Also any book that looks raggedy is used or a gift, I am very good to my books as any self respecting bibliophile would be. Also, I don’t want to debate the books, just because I have one doesn’t mean I agree with everything that’s in it or think it’s a great book. I didn’t realize I had a problem until preparing this post – good thing my brother gave me that Kindle! Hope you’ve all enjoyed this unprecedented peek behind the curtain at Chromapoesy. Thank you Joy for giving me such a good reason to dust!