(from the myth of the God Freyr and Goddess Gerðr)

Freyr seated on the throne of Odin 1908 Frederic Lawrence

One night is long enough ǁ yet longer still are two;
     how then shall I bear the agony of three?
Months have merrily passed ǁ quick flashes over
     faster than half this desiring eve.*

Freyr, full of longing, laments
     worlds made brighter by Gerðr
seemingly far from his reach
     this cæsura separates the lovers

Envisioning divine coupling
     of earth and sky bestow
peace and pleasure flowing
     from union’s blessed purpose

He lives now into his destiny
     to bathe in beauty’s light
he sets foot upon the path to Barri
     nine nights hence embracing bliss

*from the Poetic Edda; the poem Skírnismál

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