Imperium is the Latin root of empire
an aspiration to absolute universality
impetus and warrant to wage war, execute laws, expand

Conquest was deemed morally justified
bringing civilization and true religion
to grateful denizens of many Protectorates

Trialectical human geography reinforces social constructs
of core and periphery, defining privilege,
creating marginalization and the status quo
in an application of cultural hegemony

Geopolitics, nationalism, and globalization
reinforce power structures, fuel the use
of vindictive military force among
anathematically opposed world views


Consider the devolution of the dominant center
both within our own psyche and the structure of society
imagine migration with no demands for acculturation
that allows cultural exchange and hybridity

Exploration of the nature of Eros, born of Poverty and Resource,
reveals a lack of the good and beautiful merged
with intelligence and resourcefulness

Love is never possessing but always striving
‘poïesis in the soul through the cultivation of knowledge and virtue’*
a threshold occasion, a moment of transformation

Ecstasis, begetting and bringing forth the beautiful
averting the inevitable consequence of genocide, the legacy of imperium,
violence toward the other, born within fractured selves

A blooming of the blossom, the birth of eudaimonia
through the reconciliation of thought with matter and time
poïesis, the source and meaning of poetry


Application begins with critical pedagogy
undergirded by radical democracy, feminism, and social justice
the learner as co-creator of knowledge

Envision post-nationalism where citizens gain
actualized, liberated personhood in a new space
a new humane geography

Dependent on difference
encompassing universally recognized human rights
true diplomacy, an accord, a détente
for our traumatized globe still revolving around the ideology of imperium

*Plato from The Symposium