sophia transmutes into
an encircling ethica
where intellectual and moral virtues
meld with ideal human excellence
to lure the harrowed psyche
into transformation

light years away celestial bodies spin

awe grips creativity
and art claims its home
raw, unhindered by the pettiness
of the projected self-image
encompassing vulnerability connecting
reinforces openness to experience

she refuses to feed their unmitigated desires

flourishing arête arrives
startling long held resistance
honoring that knowledge
creates a place in the world
a dwelling in sacred space

the fluttering self stills, quiets

through a stable structure of ideals
meaning shapes identity
provides the catalyst for growth
adventure and chaos spiral out renewing
interdependence arises out of
a matrix of intimate love

she binds the beings equidistant

freed from the imprisoning deontology,
its logical sequential march of language
flowing like the river to the sea
immutable and relentless,
release is obtained

wanderlust becomes a virtue

the authentic self, in all its multiplicity,
is liberated from the veil
a poisoned gown that sickens the soul
bloodied eyes bound in muslin
ablutions now wash clean the interstices

purification is not judgment, ritual is not dogma

a global self emerges
through dialogue in the liminal spaces
ecology of being blooms
the phoenix reminds us that
she who abides in fire is bliss
the only one living
without fear of consumption

ethics are forged with courage and character
Aeternitas in her magnanimity
charts the arc of eudaimonia