Nulla in mundo pax sincera (click to hear this sung by Anna Montgomery)

(For largely technical reasons I had to overdub my voice over the rehearsal recording. However, the overdub is one-take but from my office not the church – headphones will be better since I couldn’t smooth the two well, my apologies.) I was asked to sing this on 9/11 for the offertory.

          Aria (from the anonymous Latin text):
          Nulla in mundo pax sincera
          sine felle; pura et vera,
          dulcis Jesu, est in te.
          Inter poenas et tormenta
          vivit anima contenta
          casti amoris sola spe.

          In this world there is no honest peace
          free from bitterness; pure and true
          peace, sweet Jesus, lies in Thee.
          Amidst punishment and torment
          lives the contented soul,
          chaste love its only hope.