Stochastic Intimacy (this is a spoken word piece so click to hear it read)
for Hypatia “Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all.”

Blind caches of probability theory
hide in undercrofts
seducing non-deterministic variables
counteracting an unfairly weighted die
chance involves the randomness of specificity
slot machine spins
love is a weak convergence theory
requiring proof.

She’s dancing round helical truths.

Dependence will tend to be distributed
according to one of a small number of
attractor elements
diverging within the limits
approaching infinity
caressing asymptotic density convolutions
sexual creativity plays with game theory.

She chooses.

Variable ratio schedule of reinforcement
insures she keeps pulling the handle
appetite for stimulus drives the euphoria
highest rate of response
scientifically guaranteed
heightens the anticipation
of winning the whole show.

Figuring the chances of hitting the jackpot.

Ars Conjectandi! a bold conjecture
gene expressions in the roulette
of ubiquitous computing
predictable actions rouse random elements
probability theory spirals stochastic intimacies
astounds glistening ambient intelligence.

Equations inscribed by electric flickering tongues arouse.

Friction exerts its force
upon blooming lacunary trigonometric series
stimulating the total variation distance
pairwise independence won’t correlate
these atoms gotta smash up
to go supernova baby.

Each move she makes changes the board.

Multivariate Gaussian polytopes
nest in orthogonal matrices
central limit theorem initiates chain reactions
hydrogen bomb’s gonna blow
overcoming electrostatic repulsion
in a nuclear fusion transmutation.

Mathematics sighs and roars, she’s never been seduced by a poet before.