Pneumatological Enigmas (click to hear the poem read)

Spirit-Sophia thunders into me
shatters my specious separations
fallacious wavering hesitancies
with surrender secures
never violating
breaking my heart wide open
amor procedens vivifying

renewing empowering grace
initiates novelty
breath of life
multitudinous interchangeable
kymographic nodes
puzzle internal sacerdotal scarabs
in a chary zenith
viewed from subsuming positions
into gestalt being

self-referential prosody
breeds halophytic
warranting dirges
of the laciniate self
behold the vast mysteries
elegiac verandas groan
elliptical protasis tumbles
tensive veracity guarding
explicitly bellicose religions
floating away in the saline

self forming requiem masses
grim obscurantist phrases
offer vivace caresses
baronial cobalt gems
defame the evolute kerfs
terminating in elegant periods inglorious
obligatorily wedged sideways

she is unknowable unseen
I am unknowable unseen

philia of artist poet composer mother
imago dei spiritus creator
beneficent power indwelling
breathing blowing wind of being continues
under pneumatological ramifications
trailing labile nilpotent agnosticism
willful xenophobic fatigue
curvatures inundated by magniloquent manners
choirs crying glorias unending

Longing unshackled
from romantic notions
desire released from ambition
exigent memories of Grace and Muse
awakening experience
sweet liberation cherishing the immersion
into lost moments of eternity

Spirit-Sophia whispers
follows my impatient steps
desire of intimacy encompassing presence
immensity reaping meritocratic enigmas
overflowing sensate resistances
in a deep awareness of otherness

Note: Spirit-Sophia is the name given to the Holy Spirit in Elizabeth A. Johnson’s awe inspiring book SHE WHO IS: The Mystery of God in Feminist Theological Discourse © 1992.