Kali whispering fates swirls her tongue forming
loci for impending chaos disintegrating
she saves one child chosen as witness
to her wrenching nod poised rendering
swift judgment upon all soft creatures

she clacks geographic prophetic scripts logorrheic
fingers curled with dramatic glee
multitudes of vertiginous yawning palaces
of iron Underwood typewriters
spinning tales of harrowing crises
decrying stories permeable
some querulous left tumbling
victims fetched oft by chance

earth born bounty’s sons and daughters float along oblivious
pupation’s hopeful peels light laughter and curiosity
aubergine eyes, twirls of glorious eiderdown,
espouse rambling besotted naïve ideals
floral tempests accelerating

peering at horizons of impoverishing windmills
monstrous blades gouge perilous trenches
wind creates shimmering uplifts where children hover fixated
argon burns bright in neon telemetries of serial reflections
mudslides contentiously obliterate, shift our paradigmatic visions
hunger’s hard tacked swirling blunders rent innocents sideways
through thundering organs mangling broken starved bodies

derision forgone relegates foreshadowing in helical caverns
reams of toroidal cross capacitors quantifying dielectric constants
scanning for insulators: none found

Kali licks her lips again croaking
vita incerta, mors certissima