He nevertheless produced backdated “self-forgeries” both to profit from his earlier success, and as an act of revenge—retribution for the critical preference for his early work.

This is a post for the dVerse prompt on artist Giorgio de Chirico.

Casting Hollow Precipices (click to read the poem read)

Querulous forming bodies gesticulating
specious melancholy turns flickering ivy wilting bowers
casting hollow precipices of venial autophagy

jumping lascivious shelters along tantalizing downspouts
while frivolity and hope cavort
illuminated by broken serrated wine gardens

licking poisonous frills up vestments
of nouns arborous consuming limitless
Prussian blue snuffers frothing magnanimity

sliding deconstructed zoological gathers
while populating quips radiating aspect ratios
lined parallax of jinxes or bemoaning victorious

tumbled traits unconscious on smothered nauseous florid grandiosity
bailing sensitive assurances with galloping crowns gilded
hampering flotillas of bawdy helium didactic formal art perched

dying in vitriolic plumes of xeric tomes unending