She felt intimate remembrances sleeping, murmurs

I wind the licorice rope
tightly around the candied button
at the entrance to the sugar castle

I must bind taut the defenses

Babel Tower dystopia
Baba Yaga’s home
insidious seeping dread

fleeting sense of the stillness of hidden spaces

A child, dead,
tethered to a post
startles from the courtyard
I fear his ghost
push him down the well

He must not be seen

exploring the home, foreign but intimately known

reuniting with the other boy
reviving pliant keys
they open my eyes
to the greater danger

the lurking wraith
eager to devour
to destroy the girl beside me

She must be secured from within

searching for those abandoned spaces, promises of protection and gnosis

warning’s radioactive signal
bluebeard burning in my head

her secret place, her secret self

the boys twirl their knives
act threatening
small curved blades

the heroic brothers
come to save their sister
from truth?

flooding her awareness, revelation of fear

They must forget their place

retrograde amnesia fails to save me
I remember why I don’ t want to know

the wraith, diaphanous

I must refrain from seeing

paradox to remember what I forgot
denying what was there
in the purlieu of the psyche
distorting memories loom
delicate and pernicious confections

the reason for all this cryptic architecture

spirit unfurling truths unleashing
here before me with his knife stabbing

I will drown in the well

mouthing outcry no sound forms
voice stolen by the echo

she’s gone on ahead without me