Endophytic Incursions (click to hear this poem read)

Synchronicity ensconced reveals nugatory variables
apophenia of writer invariant: subversive hallucinatory crippled vessels
their mesostic corrugated tentacles of substantive poetic egests
may mask irreplaceable profundities

pinned in unpersecuted opposition they create borderline synaesthesia
presenting artists as warped furled fecund hosts
suffering endophytic incursions
jostled oubliettes of bulbous traipsing ladders connecting

twining implosions arch upon the oeuvre and ignite nesting charges
of gravitas and blather a mulled kinship born perniciously or merely neurologically
they may illuminate or obscure, form a gestalt or dissociate
matters of quiddity hoisted upon ontological backtracking
accelerating dilatory insights

atomic breakdowns, each quark mensurated
in reductionist monochromatic gatherings
stultify creative impulses
dense joyous words weighted with luscious delectable gustation
visual fields dripping with chords of music inviting
xenologic etiquette of intertwining nebulae
lilting effluvia