this poem is a wormhole,
a dimensional shift, an anarchy,
a nonexistent thing asserting itself

there is no inherent orientation in outer space
only an expanding universe, accelerating
a phantom energy driven expanse

illuminating a bestiary of metamorphosis
nebulous, interchangeable creatures
viewed from subsuming positions
encoding a matrix of symbols

laciniate selves emerging
from the mysteries of geminating galaxies
supernovas of nuclear fusion transmutation
———- birthing and destroying ————–
a disorientation at the event horizon

terminating in elegant effigies ingloriously askew
amidst the gracile lines demarcating existence
metaphrastic missives from dark energy
an unraveling poetic exegeses

it is unknowable and unseen
dancing these helical truths
pneumatological enigmas of stochastic intimacy
in an explosion of probability theory

systematic errors of passion
improbable actions inventing equations
expressed by carbon fueled mouths
digressions of regurgitated sense impressions
from a finite point in space

picturesque idioms torn asunder
by the slings and arrows of a native tongue,
lightening that tears at the veil
constructs and deconstructs perplexities
that tremble with human sensibilities

Derrida’s post-structuralism
exposes and undermines the oppositions
hierarchies and paradoxes:
signifier/signified; sensible/intelligible;
writing/speech; passivity/activity

liquid modernity’s tentative position
cloud construction of identity
which imagines a neutral mode
of writing (existing)

veridical paradoxes, congeries of the strange,
margin notes and shadow expressions
cantos in the wilderness without compass points

husk and kernel unite
unsaying every word
in indented continuations
cave paintings and charcoal outlines
of the same lamentation
all artifacts of the passion:

Kierkegaard’s desire to discover something
that thought itself cannot think

ancient pearls embedded in glacial time
these round numinous volumes,
clay surfaces formed of pounded stardust
howling waterfalls of half-life elements unwinding

constructs in the fourth dimension
curved space departing Euclidean geometry
threshold frequency erects the base
a foundry of hollow spaces

where precept and concept unify
an intentional dementia
impenetrable fortress of subjectivity
mastery and transgression merged
into something perpetually
lost in translation

aleatory insights resounding
in a multiplication of caesuras
semantic slippage and resolution
birthed in unimaginable articulations
accretion of allusions weighing upon poetry

morphing electroacoustic transducer
interrupts echolocation, dislocatingting
signifier from its denotata,
disrupting the patterns of semantic relationships
speech acts like a convoluted telekinesis
positing thought invents language

superflat eye disfigures
this universe of enactments as
poetry collapses, excises novelistic tendencies
so poets become geometers of dismemberment
lacerating with erotic precision

spinning an elaborate manifesto:

produce without possession
envision freedom from rationality
educe a contradistinction
gather the cipher and the subtext
and integrate a secret sharing scheme

excel but do not lead your thoughts
breathe, decrypt the psychological schemas
act without premeditated expectation
be the paradox of noise within the silence

assimilate the workings of the universe
puzzle out an esemplastic theorem
unlock strategies of liberation

allow entropy to overpower existence

be an echo in the caverns, stealthily passing,
an imperfect processor with selection bias
questing for an oracle of algorithms,
embody a fading murmur, trace the interstices,
become a ghastly literalness of absence –

all states are possible in the end

NOTES: This was written for my Meeting the Bar: Wild Beasts prompt at dVerse.