Public domain

Public domain

resurrected starlight invents cinema
erotic imagination projections
on larger than life screens

mimetic art form
redefining life
and its observation

illusion of motion
cut scene magic
within the festival of lights

beacon of ideas
revolutionizing societies
auteurs of phantom rides

ghost images to
ignite ethical compassion
unveil humanity

close up transitions
create natural intimacy
resonate with voyeurs

audience insights blooming
with the actor’s realization
wide eyed neo-language

its adepts infusing images
with eros, editing the story,
expanding the possible

in a radius defined by aperture
limited and standardized by
35 millimeter film gauge

establishing shots for a new history
intercuts surpassing theater
fragmented space of interiority

conceptual leaps create
sublime, psychological enigmas
human counterparts enacting

the lifecycle of stars
nebulas, supernovas, and black holes,
hype, fame and tragedy

grace, luxury, and sexual tension
in rapturous movie palaces
atmospheric colors heightening

glamour birthed by shape-shifting
purveyors of fantasies,
Hollywood lawbreakers

studio sets creating reality
scrubbing the world clean
of the marginalized

contrasted by dissidents slicing
an eye, a suggestive sea urchin
burning in lava flows of psychosis

yet its legacy lies instead
in the fundamentally humanizing
activity of poetic arcs:

in desperation a young girl
ties leaves to branches to save her sister
from a death foretold when they fall

an intruder stumbles upon an
abused wife, humbling the husband
and helps her fractured self become whole

a bereaved mother cannot
bear the sight of a family of mice
killed by the neighbor’s cat

as an orchestra must disband
its cellist becomes an undertaker,
Shinto ritual bearer for the dead

a grieving widower travels across
the world to engage
Butoh and finds peace

angels bear witness to the trials
of the living, recording their lives until one
becomes mortal from an abundance of love

an aging couple visiting their grown children
find them too busy, leaving their wellbeing
in the hands of a widowed daughter-in-law

through the poetry of these films,
drifting pictures, thoughts, and experiences
we arrive at the carnival of arts

light captured to illuminate our inner worlds
showing us how to love, mourn, and grow,
to spin art from the raw materials of our lives