Francisco de Goya, Saturno devorando a su hijo 1819-1823 (public domain)

War is anthropophagy,
Leningrad gangs roaming
streets lined with
bread made of sawdust
picking dog-meat from
between their teeth
with rat-bone toothpicks

the Butcher salivates
examining the thigh –
castrates his male victim

Wendigo psychosis of leadership
warmongering cowards consume
the poor, these huddled masses

blood lust dilated pupils
loll in sockets reddened
by thoughts of feasting

ideological sacrifices for
120 seconds of silence
organ donors to greed

black acrimonious humor
gives the Butcher a voracious
appetite for human flesh

war profiteers gather and gain
vorarephilia inspired erections
rubbing together in orgiastic frenzy

crunch, squelch, he wipes
grease from his cheek, excretes
gluttonous cries of pleasure

millions are slaughtered
in a ritualistic, magical
cannibalism mimicking
Lord’s Resistance Army
training, in a flurry of
deadliest conflict

Saturn devours
his children
one by one

Map of Cannibalism (public domain)

Written for Poetics prompt at dVerse Poets Pub where I tried to follow Karin’s advice to take no prisoners: