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‘I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul’*

An engulfing meteor shower writes our passion into existence
I lick the candied drips that streak like star trails to my mouth
fetishizing the geography of your body, its angular geometry

delicacy of a nuanced line skips fire across my face as you trace
words, hot breath infused, bending to the contours of my
desirous curvature, whispers embrace the inner recesses,
a secret that unfurls this singularity, collapsing my life

into this moment, potential energy gathering in our
liminal space, your shadow inscribes its legacy upon my body:
asterisms, pictorial glyphs, symbols of erotic exclamations,
broken chords releasing a neo-lexicon of sound

I want to redraw the lines, drafting scripts of bliss, pour
color upon your skin to transgress the boundaries of your
pleasure threshold, arrive in your mind in ecstatic pictures –
flood your senses, transport you to my inner landscape

words of seductive influence, your ambassadors,
have served you well – first contact of flesh presses their weight
into me, I fade to deepest blue limned with strawberry’s kiss
in a place beyond language, awash in celestial light

* from Pablo Neruda’s Love Sonnet XVII

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