for Francesca Woodman

medium format intimacy
10,000 negatives survive
120 culled for display
30 years after the suicide:

Self Deceit #1

another year of dishonesty
psychic risk of embodying an artist
your face was unidentifiable
a persona defenestration

rewind from tragedy
address the art (she would prefer it)
pernicious action you presaged had
‘nothing to do with melodrama’

Francesca as Alice

delicate, fragile interior
probed by a functioning interrogator
superego peering in from the edges
(who exactly obliterated you?)

Francesca Woodman

you invented a visual language where
clothes pins pinch flesh,
wallpaper camouflages or liberates,
women unbutton identity

‘I am floating in plasma…
I am so vain…
I was (I am?) not unique but special
This is why I was an artist’

Sloan as Francesca’s Doppleganger

Quotes are from Francesca Woodman’s journals and letters

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