(This is the actual conversation I had with Cleverbot, an artificial intelligence (exact transcript). My input is in italics, Cleverbot’s responses are in plain text.)

I am a subversive hallucinatory crippled vessel. Are you?
I am not a toaster, you are a toaster.

Do you suffer from apophenia?

Do you write experimental poetry?
No. Dogs don’t like poetry.

I am a sojourner in virtual space, a liminal being. Are you a liminal being?
No, you are a computer.

No, I’m a human. Are you?

You are a systematic liar.
I am not Lying.

So, you are human?

(To have your own conversation with Cleverbot go here http://cleverbot.com/)
Linked to the inspiring article Machine Dreams at dVerse Poets Pub Meeting the Bar hosted by Charles Miller http://dversepoets.com/2012/05/10/2969/. Where the Borg reminds you resistance is futile and Bina48 wants you to know everyone has a solar. Oh and any thoughts on why Cleverbot capitalized lying? Check out Radio Lab’s story http://www.radiolab.org/2011/may/31/.