insatiable curiosities orbit consciousness
strung pearls of upended epiphenomena
ancient aluminum awareness permeating time
charting momentary courses through mental processes

angles of sensation and perception grinding experience
under electric hazel skies capable of impacting behavior
pouring parallelism down the steps of the prefrontal cortex
mere echoes, faint rumors upon the air of philosophy

white irises climb neurophysiological cliff faces
roaring seascapes of recurrent thalamo-cortical resonance
rational kettles steaming orange blossoms of knowledge
round numinous volumes prefiguring the world-knot

crevices, pathways, transmogrified thought patterns
fossils hounding chained gates while endless paradoxes
gleam on clay surfaces pounding immortal stardust
forming luminescent filigreed theory enhancers

that reveal ineffable intrinsic qualia unwinding
memories, emotions, and intentions disciplined
volition as apprehended conscious goal images
discerning global broadcast messages to the self:
this dominant, enduring context

Linked to dVerse Poets Pub and the amazing prompt by Charles Miller