It’s Anyone’s Call (an acrostic)

Ideographic inquiries entangle academicians
Tracasseries hound the theorists while
Sequacious arguments ensue and multiply

Algolagnic pseudo-logical debate titillates while
Nomothetic investigations misfire attracting
Yabbering masses in hallowed halls spouting
Oscillations of popular opinion each
Notion encrusting the stance of
Estimable scholars cordoned off in
Sterile silos of knowledge, still no

Capacious auditoriums in the mind to signal creative,
Aberrant thought processes, instead they form only
Labyrinthine ruts where we the uninitiated cry:
Let sleeping dogs lie!

For the dVerse Poetics Prompt on idioms: I have used two idioms and lampoon scientific debate, a dialogue carried out in terms as antipodal to idioms as may be imagined. Thanks Brian this was fun!