if only i’d studied limnology
known the risks before the vows
you struck your claim
eutrophication initiated
your selfish need transfigured me
into a closed hydrologic system
an endorheic basin


my watershed confined
by the mountains of your entitlement
playas expanding, vanishing profunda
no outflow, what am i?
minerals deposit as diversity wanes


tiny nourishments i praised
rain evaporating away
soon i accepted my fate
until it felt natural to be so small
initiating ecological shifts
this dwindling pool reflects you well


photic volume decreased
remiss in loving me
as you tamed those wilds
beyond the littoral zone
that so invaded your mind
undermined your control


this lake is a dry salt bed
alkali flats expanding
hypoxic initiators
steal all the oxygen


dying, i wound up in the sky,
far from you