Ehoiai, ab initio, a mythic adventure

Her ineluctable desiderata for ideas stream
limning kinetic edifications, epiphanies of delight
fillips inspire pluralistic inquiries
ontology fueling her eclectic explorations

Clepsydra drives the mechanism
six thousand years measured
by the gentle flow of water

Transgressions of the mother fate her imprisonment
vulnerable, potent mind now chained to rock
threatened by encroaching ignorance, a dark sea monster
Cetus, chaos destroying without empathy or thought

Emphatic supernal delights contrast
her now inchoate existence
astronomical phenomena’s illumination ends
her passions lie dormant in temporal restraints
awaiting the beneficence of another to redeem
visions of her life flourishing, counteracting paucity

She scries the approaching hero
his nuanced seriatim a lapidary poetry
magnanimous meticulist denaturing her world view
illuminating prescient symbols, signs of her release

Perseus invisible arrives to slay the beast
his artistry Al-Jazari’s castle clock
zenith of invention, mystical implements
obliterate pernicious vitiation
striking the sea creature eristic clashes ensue
Perseus claims victory

Epicyclic gearing turns celestial spheres
concentric annulus, planet carrier and sun enmesh
liberty returns to Andromeda as numinous globes
enticing clouds of thoughts, igniting quixotic ruminations

Promises of consummate affinity traverse
ardent declarations of diaphanous happiness
fertile fields of creation birthing philosophies, art, and science
stereographic projection starcharts of their noetic constellations