within my own unique and ineradicable nature
I am inexorably drawn to the cartography of the mind
therein lies freedom from fate and the tyranny of eros
where virtue is not circumscribed externally allowing
moral order to be obtained through ethical self-determination

there are roads to intellectual liberty that aren’t littered with confusion

a foundation in critically examining my culture tempered by
learning to understand and harness the motivations of the soul
experienced through the metacommunicative competence of an
evolving paradoxical ecological conception of the psyche
these bounded niches within rational structures of justice
create unity in multiplicity; eclecticism without errors

facets of my self need not be controlled by an overriding central power

social perception uncolored by projection or the prosaic cages of mental sets
resisting the equivocation of attraction and intimacy to know mutual love
syncretic encounters of the mind instruct the lyricism of the body
spinning the quiddity and hacceity of humanity around

I am not simply a woman, an embodied mind, a pneuma striving

undertones of meaningful congruence seduce like a specious categorical syllogism
tempting synchronicity and I forget Hume’s warning against pareidolia
apophenia’s joy and curse as theologically I long to believe it’s all interdependent
in a conflation of self and other, a mystic merging, an ecstatic encounter

always seeing the world’s interconnections from my first moment of self-expression

vagaries and wild turns of philosophy, theology, human failings, and love
the strange and magnificent inexplicable universe turns round
in my infinitely limited understanding it is all I can do to respond:
I nurture you, listen to your desires, and tenderly kiss you
forever entwining in an empathetic embrace