Temple of Artemis at Roman ruin of Jerash, Jordan by Anna Montgomery

Morphing Electroacoustic Transducer – spoken word poem please listen by clicking

She’s a whirling shape-shifting actuator
knowing energy is neither created nor destroyed
only transformed, simply trans located through space

Generating thought is a form of energy
within a microelectromechanical system
that uses wet etching nanotechnology
in a lexicology and semantics twinning

Scrolling legged immense lexicography
induce perfectly isotropic etches which produce round sidewalls,
slippery micro slopes of meaning
Smooth surfaces on aluminum discs
positing thought invents language

Backend processing removes pesky micro cracks in her theory
dramatically increasing its resistance to breaking
Tactile and cognitive flexibility
though any transformation leads to a loss in translation

Morphing electroacoustic transducer interrupts echolocation
disorienting signifier from its denotata
within patterns of semantic relationships well, anything could happen
Transmogrified thermoelectric conductor heating
as auditory hallucinations clarify the idea
that speech acts like a convoluted telekinesis

Platinum resistance thermometer in a four-wire Kelvin configuration
results in full cancellation of spurious effects, allaying the static

She’ll draw you a picture:
forces change her world she’s as sensitive as a chameleonic electrochemical detector

Hydrogen sensor, a palladium coated micro mirror
measuring the changes in the back reflected light
shining in a metaphysical quandary of interpersonal dynamics

Morphological, phonological, and contextual behavior all conspire
as thought changes language causing others to respond, philia, neikos, affinity

Internal energy obeys the first law of thermodynamics
conservation of energy denies the perpetual motion machine
Entwining within the physics of proximity, the psychology of proxemics
garnering cries of ethical impunity while meaning and intent magnetically attract
implying perhaps there’s imperative, initiation behind all this energetic interaction

10,000 year old Two Headed Goddess @ Jordan Archaelogical Museum in Amman by Anna Montgomery