Ode to the Gardener – click here to hear the poem read

Opalescent tendrils of vascular bundles
transmitting ecstatic affiance to a
hypanthia of fractals reaching

the garden’s frontis piece
quincunxial arrangement
with Syrinx at the center

she presides at the gate
reeds echoing melismas
of verdant overtures poetic

past nymphs in fits of paraesthesia
pounding sepals, petals, stamens, osculant
while a hawser binds leeward vessels tightly

fleeing from Pan’s wild and ferruginous lust
the nectary sustains a comminuted fracture
Bohdi tree’s enlightening sap releasing

it is a mandala ever spinning
universe’s ontology round
a radiant funiculus
a bliss eternal

Dedicated to Joy (Hedgewitch)